HSD DualTech RX7 FC3S
  • HSD DualTech RX7 FC3S
  • HSD DualTech RX7 FC3S

HSD DualTech RX7 FC3S

USD 874
SKU : HSD_DualTech_RX7_FC3S

HSD DualTech Coilovers for Mazda RX7 FC3S

HSD coilovers allow for separate ride height and preload adjustment, ensuring that you always have full damper travel no matter how high or low you set your ride height.


The DualTech range is designed for those on a tigher budget. While they still offer the same levels of adjustability and functionality of the MonoPro range, DualTechs feature a cheaper-to-manufacture Twin Tube damper that makes them a direct competitor to other brands in the sub-£800 coilover category.


If funds allow, we would always recommend that our customers opt for MonoPro coilovers for their car. However, if you're building your car on a limited budget, HSD DualTechs will still provide fantastic handling and ride quality along with a wide range of adjustability.

Driftworks (European distributor of HSD) keeps a huge array of HSD spares in stock in the UK, including damper units, top mounts and bottom brackets. Should you have a mishap on the road or the track, we're always here to help and will do our best to supply you with the HSD spares that you need.

This kit is for Mazda Rx-7 FC3S models only.

Main features: 14-stage damping adjustment, separate height and preload adjustment, camber adjustable pillowball front top mounts and rubber rear top mounts, anti-corrosive damper plating and rubber dust boots, 7kg/mm front springs, 5kg/mm rear springs.