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RX8 StageF (Flames-2-Step-Flat Shift)

RX8 StageF (Flames-2-Step-Flat Shift)

SKU : EZTN-Stage-0

Our Stage F reflash. World's only OEM reflash to give your RX8 a high dosage of FLAMES!

The Stage F is our specially developed ECU reflash which enables you to live the thrill of a real (ignition cut) 2-Step Limiter and a Flat Shift feature.

Based upon your existing vehicle ECU Base Map.

Free upgrade to the latest Mazda ECU firmware.

Option to reflash back to the base Mazda ECU Firmware at any time with a 100 Euro charge.

This service is offerd Worldwide. It is required though to send in your ECU. We will send the ECU back within 24 hours of reception. 

Return Shipping costs are calculated at checkout!

Special Note: After our reflash, you will not be able to reflash it yourself or somewhere else, as the ECU is encrypted. Prior to any further reflash, you must send it back to return to OEM condition.