RX8 Plasma Coils Kit
  • RX8 Plasma Coils Kit
  • RX8 Plasma Coils Kit
  • RX8 Plasma Coils Kit

RX8 Plasma Coils Kit

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TUNETECH’s High-Output Plasma Coils each deliver over 100mJ of spark energy and a minimum of 80 Watts spark power 

EasyTuning's Plasma Coil Kit contains 4 Plasma smart coils, 4 new MSD Ignition wires, special connector harness (with relay) and custom powder coated bracket.


Technical Performance Data & Test (performed by Ignition Solutions Laboratory, Germany, August 2020)

Settings: Supply Voltage: 14.00 V
Dwell time: 3.00 ms

 Primary Current  Primary Current  High Voltage  Spark Current  Spark Voltage  Spark Duration  Spark Power  

Spark Energy

 [A]  [A]
 [kV]  [mA]  [kVolt]  [ms]   [W]  [mJ] 


5.75 -35.3 103 2.61 3.01 84.4 32.6


Test Conclusion: 

  • This coil is built with the Plasma Discharge technology and therefore can increase the primary and secondary spark current significantly.
  • The coil runs very stable, even under high voltage load conditions.
  • The coil does not make any bad noise and is very reliable.
  • This coil is recommended for high performance use for the Rx8 engines.


  • Weather and Shockproof design
  • Completely bolt on
  • OEM appearance
  • Black powder coated steel mount
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Aluminum spacers included

 This is the best spark power and reliability kit you can use on your RX8.