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Bio Racing Premix

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Bio-Rotary Racing Premix is designed specifically for rotary engines. This technology addresses the three major concerns in the rotary community: (1.) proper lubrication, (2.) issues with carbon buildup, and (3.) premix compatibility with any type of fuel. It also protects against corrosion in fuel systems, and has a fuel conditioner built into the product. Renewable Lubricants offers the only sustainable, carbon negative, (green) premix designed for high performance rotary engines.


Longer trouble-free engine life
Lowers emissions (burns clean) and improves fuel economy
Best in class apex seal lubrication
No exhaust smell
Reduces and cleans carbon deposits
Lubricates entire rotor and housing
Sustainable, carbon negative formulation
Helps keep spark plugs clean and increase plug life
Compatible with ALL fuel types (Gasoline, Ethanol Blends, and Methanol)

Recommended Premix Amounts:

Use 4ml of Premix for 1 Liter of fuel, alcohol fuels (High Ehtanol Blends or Methanol), for track use or spirited driving with modified and boosted engines.

Use 2ml of Premix for 1 Liter of regular fuel (Gasoline), for daily drivers that are not modified or NA engines.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Bio Rotary Racing Premix FINAL 051822
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
80491 80492 80493 80494 80496 Rotary Premix SDS