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With more than 10 years experience in Rotary tuning, and with customer around the World, we can provide high quality tuning with respect to longelivity and power. We provide the same quality for selected Piston engine powered Cars. Just browse through our selection.

RX7 Custom map

RX7 Custom map

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The Custom Turbo is our premium complete ECU reprogramming service for your RX7.

Every rotary engine is unique based on the wear of its internal parts such as rotors, plates, housings and seals. So, unlike stock mapping packages which are preset to defined settings and parameters, our Custom Turbo ECU remap is tailored to suit the nuances, wear and performance levels of your individual engine and ECU setup. Adjusting engine critical settings to enhance the performance and increase the longevity of your rotary powered vehicle, we fine tune your ECU for a more efficient running engine, better economy and increased performance.

Official EasyTuning Certificate including details of performed changes;

This service is offerd in Athens - Greece. Worldwide Tuning Coverage can be arranged on demand. 

Please contact us for more information on Worldwide Tuning Coverage.

Price Option for Tuning on a Dyno is only for Athens on a Dyno of our choosing and includes the first 2 Hours.
Each additional hour required is charged at a rate of 100 Euro/hour.

NOTE: This service is ONLY for AFTERMARKET ECUs (Apexi, Haltech, Adaptronic, MS3 etc)