RX8 Turbo Kit gtx3071r

RX8 Turbo Kit gtx3071r

SKU : RX8_Easy_Turbo_Kit


* Tuning:

This Turbo kit is specially designed as a perfect fit for the RX8. It is compatible with 4port and 6port manual Series 1 RX8s (Left Hand Drive).

It includes everything to get the car up and running. A GTX3071r compatible high quality T3 Turbo charger with a Turbosmart 40mm Wastegate, big 60X23X7.5cm intercooler, carbon turbo blanket, aluminum pipings, maf extension harness and many more.

Performance @ crank: 270-2900HP+, 26-30 Kg/f+ torque (at recommended 0.5bar pressure, depending on engine condition and exhaust system).

Optional: Tuning the stock ECU exclusively by EasyTuning with a specially developed custom firmware that enables full closed loop fuelling under any rpm or load, and external connection of an AEM Wideband on the OEM ECU.

Tuning is done locally in Athens or Ioannina only. For other places, you can opt for the TUNERS EDITION, which does not include any tuning. 

Please note: Lead time is 14 days, as all kits are build to order.